Varning för Loop Webbhotell - OBS: Inte Loopia

augusti 24, 2016

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Och, hos Loopia (som lyckades registrera


Microsoft Security Bulletin MS16-099 - Critical

augusti 15, 2016

Säkerhetsproblem i många Office-versioner, även de nyaste!

Security Update for Microsoft Office (3177451)


SQL Server does not script indexes by default

juni 17, 2016

James Serra's Blog

Tools -> Options -> SQL Server Object Explorer -> Scripting.

Set “Script indexes” to...

Mailkarantän i Office 365

juni 14, 2016

Windows 7/10 Unable to join domain fix

juni 03, 2016

På datorn med Windows 10 hjälpte det med 

viii) Reinstalling TCP/IP stack. (netsh int ip reset in command prompt as admin)



Configuring Windows Live Mail for Office 365

juni 02, 2016

Uninstall/Remove Exchange from AD

maj 09, 2016 ...

Autodesk - Unable to run Application Manager.

maj 06, 2016

Unable to run Application Manager. It appears Autodesk Application Manager service is not available. Please close all other instances and...

List open files on QNAP

maj 02, 2016

Use Putty to connect to the QNAP command shell.

Maximize the command window.

Run the follow command:

/usr/local/samba/bin/smbstatus -L


Download Putty


Exchange 2007 - List of emails per user

april 27, 2016

get-mailbox | select DisplayName -ExpandProperty EmailAddresses | select DisplayName, SmtpAddress | export-csv C:\maillist.csv

et-DistributionGroup | select DisplayName...